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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to navigate in Ron's Web Site
  2. Understanding the Rates
  3. Ways to contact Ron
  4. What is included in Ron's Performance Tune up?  < New items >
  5. Can I submit or view problems online?
  6. What is covered in the Home Network Setup
  7. Ongoing Home Network Maintenance ?

How to Navigate around in Ron's Web Site

The best way to navigate around this site is to use the "Link" tabs that are set in the left hand side of the web page on the "Home" page.   You can move to each page from there and return to "Home" by clicking the home tab

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Understanding the Rates

$35   That is the initial call and review of your computer.  This would be done at your home.  At this time, NO corrections and /or updates would be made to your computer.

$25 Per Hour for general training on how to use your computer.  This could include the very basics of starting up your copmuter, uisng your keyboard and mouse to using word processors, spreadsheets, Internet browsers, etc

$50 For a 5 Point Computer Tune up.  I've explained this in another part of this FAQ

$25 For a Monthly computer tune up service.  If you purchased the additional $25 in the 5 Point tune up, I will install and support specific software and will come to your house on a monthly (or another pre-arranged time frame) to review your computer, execute the tools and optimize your computer.

$50 Per hour for working on your computer at my house.  This could include any service from repairing a keyboard, installing a new harddrive, cd-rom, dvd, etc.  The $50 per hour is for LABOR only.  There would be additional charges for any parts required to fix your problem.  PRIOR to any actual work being done on your computer, I would provide you with a detail list of what the problem is and what it would take to fix it.

$75 Per Hour for working on your computer at your house.  This covers the same items I mentioned for working on your computer at my house.

$150 to set up a Home Network in your house.   This is for the LABOR ONLY.  All parts and services required for a home network would be a separate charge and many times purchased by the customer themselves.   The major components of a home network are 1) The type of broadband service ( Cable or DSL),  2)  High Speed Modem,  3) Router ( If you are using more than one computer or want to go wireless, 4) Printer

$100 per hour for Ongoing configuration and maintenance of your home network.   This would include downloading and installing the latest operating software for the Internet,  2)  Downloading and Installing the current software and firmware for your Router and Modem), 3) Examining, replacing network cables , 4) Ensure that your Anti-virus and Firewall programs are up to date and functional, and 5) General Network Testing to ensure that all the features that are configured for your home network are working properly.

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Ways to Contact Ron

Use the contact Link to decide on how you want to contact Ron.   You can submit a form that describes your computer environment so that Ron will be in a better position to understand your problem or concerns.   You can use Ron's online Problem Data Base to submit a new problem , to view existing problems or to see some of Ron's Hints and Tips about computers

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What is included in Ron's Performance Tune- up.. ?

The $50 fee for a Computer Tune includes the following  5 actions:

  1.         Defrag of your Hard drive, Check the Integrity of your Hard drive
  2.         Review of your Desktop Icons, check for old unused files, and general setup
  3.         Review Current Performance Indicators/Modify
  4.         Registry Analysis/Cleanup/Setup Checks (Install software)
  5.         Check for Ad / Spy ware  problems
** For an additional $25 I will install and support software that will Monitor/Clean your System Registry,  Scan your computer for Ad/Spy Ware problems and Optimize your computers performance.
Note:  The above performance items applies to your stand alone computer with basic functions. This does NOT include performance related to 1) Internet Connections or  2)Games played on your machine. There are too many variable to make one blanket statement to cover all of them 
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Can I submit or view problems online?

Yes, use the  Problem Data Base link to open a new page in your browser that will bring you to Ron's online data base.   Here you can register (sign up, its Free!) so that you can

  1.         Open a New Problem
  2.         View existing problems
  3.         Look at some of  Ron's Hints and Tips about Computers
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What is covered in the Home Network Setup..?

Initial Setup  ($150)

  1.        Understand your Networking requirements
  2.        Review your current system and component configurations
  3.        Identify what hardware and software would be required
  4.        Provide a cost estimate for all hardware and software required
  5.        Assist customer in purchasing required features, or will obtain all features and bill the customer


  1.        Install and Configure all the necessary components for the Home Network
  2.        Test and verify your broadband (highspeed) connection is working properly
  3.        Configure multiple computers on your network  (Workgroups/Shares)
  4.        Configure File and Print Sharing
  5.        Verify Wired/Wireless ports are functioning


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Home Network Maintainence.?

 ($100 per hour)

  1.       Test File/Print Sharing services
  2.       Download/Install current Operating Networking Software
  3.       Download/Install current Firmware for Router and Modems
  4.       Verify that your Anti-Virus and Firewall program and settings are functional
  5.       Inspecting all Networking equipment (Modem/Router/Cables,etc)



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Ron DiLauro
Revised: June 13, 2008.