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My name is Ron DiLauro.  I have over 32 years of experience working with IBM and have been working for 27 years specifically on all types of Personal Computers, Small computer environments and various types of business and personal Networks.

Over the years I have worked with many different operating systems including the original  DOS, IBM's OS/2, All versions of Windows and several flavors of LINUX.

I am familiar with most of the 'key' software products which include all the Internet Browsers (Windows IE, Netscape, Mozilla).  In addition, I have working knowledge of the various security tools (Antivirus, Spy/Ad ware, Firewall), Office productivity tools ( Word processors, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Access) and basic Web Design tools.

As with any service organization, there are always Key or Specific skill areas that separate those who provide the best service.   The areas that I know I can help any individual or small business is:  

  •        Computer debugging
  •      Performance Tuning
  •      Home Networking (Wired, Wireless, Routers, Hubs, etc0)

If you have a computer and it isnt doing exactly what you thought it should be doing, give me a call, together we should be able to find a way to make that computer do what you want it to do.